Laugh Out Loud

what makes us laugh?I have noticed recently that my husband Andrew is fast becoming a Facebook Junkie.  This puzzled me for awhile.  He has always been a weather watcher (9 inches of snow here yesterday!)  And sports enthusiast (did you know that Drew Brees throws more accurately  than an Olympic archer?)  But Facebook?  Andrew?

Then the other day I was in the next room and heard him laugh out loud.  Please understand:  Andrew has a keen and very dry sense of humor (in my opinion one of his most endearing traits).  He finds many things amusing, but doesn’t often laugh out loud.  So when I heard him cackling, I wandered into the living room to find out what was so funny.  He was sitting in front of his computer reading this post from our friend Shannon in South Carolina. My lightbulb went on. Mystery solved.  Andrew enjoys Facebook because it makes him laugh.

Laughter is one of the most enjoyable things in life, isn’t it?  Sunsets On the Beach are spectacular, of course, and  a Shared Moment with a Friend is priceless, but a good belly laugh?  That has to be right up there on the List of Life’s Best Experiences.

What makes us laugh?  The ludicrous, I suppose. The unexpected.  The Quirky. I don’t know. I’m no a humor expert. (Is there such a thing?)  But I am an expert at “funny.”  As are you.  We all know “funny” when we see it, because we each own a built-in funny-o-meter.  When it goes off we laugh out loud.

Laugh Out Loud

Share your laughs with us.  Please send us clips/pictures/etc that trigger your funny-o-meter.  We will do our best to pass them along.

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Here is another “funny” we ran across recently:

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