Beloved Creation: My Identity, the “Me” God Loves

Lydia spent years struggling to find her own answer to the question, “if it is really true that God loves me, what exactly does He love?” She now helps others embrace the fact that we each have a precious individuality, not based on performance, but on God’s creativity.


Beloved, Be Loved: I am Valued, and I am Valuable

While we are each unique, one-of-a-kind creations, the real determiner of our value is the price that God, our creator and loving father, was willing to pay for each of us: His son’s life. In this talk, Lydia helps attendees understand just how important they are to God, and learn to live as cherished, precious individuals.


Beloved Calling: Learning to be Guided by God

We have a very clear prime directive given to us by Jesus himself: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. “ Lydia discusses how to apply this directive in order to make decisions such as where to live, who to marry, what career to pursue, and how to spend our time.


Beloved Perfection: I am Perfect, and am Being Perfected

Thoughts of coming up short are immobilizing, as our failings hit us in the face, no matter how much we try to hide from them. In this talk, Lydia shares that we can be free of shame and self-condemnation. Not because we have achieved perfection, but because we have been given freedom from the need to achieve it—God’s perfection replaces our imperfection.


Beloved Freedom: Lies We Believe and the
Truth that Sets Us Free

Our “habits of thought” influence the way we interpret God, ourselves, and the world around us. She teaches her audience strategies to make a regular habit of combating Satan’s infecting lies with God’s truth, based on principles found in Psalm 139.


Beloved Joy: Living in an Attitude of Gratitude

Lydia encourages her audience to change their worldview, from one of ambition, envy, and complaints to a state of persistent thankfulness for God’s blessings. She examines the biblical basis for this change in attitude, shares the difference this change in attitude has made in her own life, and offers strategies to help her audience learn to be transformed by thanksgiving.


Speaking at
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Lydia speaks to a variety of audiences:

• professional and faith-based venues

• college students, women’s groups, retreats, Bible classes.

• small and large group settings.

She has a passion for sharing the things she is learning with others, and does so with a unique blend of vulnerability, humor and truth.


To schedule Lydia to speak at your event

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