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Our Deepest Need

Our Deepest Needby Lydia Floren

“Christ is wisdom and He is our deepest need. Our inner restlessness can only be pacified by the revelation of His eternal friendship and love for us.”
–Margaret Bottome (as quoted in Streams in the Desert, 8/26/15)

I need you, Father,

  • to tame my wandering mind
  • to still my soul
  • to focus me on what is important
  • to fill me up with Your love, and to show me how to live as one who is beloved
  • to banish my nagging sense of being “never-enough”
  • to teach me to truly love myself, love You, and love others
  • to complete me–to fill in all the holes and gaps, and make me whole.  Again and again.

Thank you for Your unwavering love for me, for each of us.

Our deepest need is You.
Our deepest need is met by You.  In You.  With You.  Without fail.

Christ is wisdom

The Truth About God (God’s Company Part 2)

The Truth About God


I used to be afraid of God.  At different times, I believed that God was:

  • A stern authority figure handing down punishment
  • A meticulous accountant, checking to be sure I was doing things “right.”
  • A bored benefactor, mildly amused by my efforts, but not interested enough in me to offer meaningful guidance.
  • An Important Person I Must Impress, only attentive to my grandest accomplishments.

The more time I have spent in God’s company, the more I understand His true character.

God is:

  • A loving Father, cherishing me as His precious child.
  • A forgiving friend, ready to make things right and start fresh every day.
  • A wise counselor, giving excellent guidance about decisions and problems.
  • An encouraging mentor, prompting me to use the gifts He has given me to follow Him in my own unique way.
  • A powerful protector/provider, releasing me from my fears of not having my needs met.
  • A trustworthy leader, guiding me down the very best path, and staying with me every step of the way.

Day by day, year by year, the truth of who God really is burrows its way deeper into my being.

What lies do people believe about God?  What truth have you been learning about Him?

God's Love Burrows

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God is Good Company ( God’s Company Part 1)

God is good Company by Lydia Floren

One of the greatest things God has given me is the gift of His company.

Now, don’t get me wrong. When I say “company”, I don’t mean God’s business, World Incorporated, LLC.  OK, yes, I might –might– have some control issues, but even I am not foolish enough to think that God would put me in charge of His whole international operation.

When I say “the gift of God’s company”, I’m talking about His presence.  God, because of Christ’s sacrifice, gives everyone personal access to Him:  the privilege of spending time in His company.  And, His spirit actually lives within every person that chooses to become His child.

God’s spirit is actually with me, but also within me.  Amazing.

God loves each of us without any conditions at all.  Nothing will ever change that reality.

When I spend time with God, I feel like I am in the presence of a dear friend, or a loving parent.  He knows my good parts and my ugly ones, and loves me right where I am.  I don’t have to prove anything to Him, or to anyone.  I am 100% safe.

When I am around someone who loves me and enjoys my company, I relax.  I don’t feel the need to prove myself, or to protect myself from their judgment.  I can be silly.  Creative.  Quiet.  Contemplative.  I tend to laugh more.  And to worry less.  It lifts my spirits, and it encourages me.

In God’s company, I can be utterly and completely myself.

Time with God